INTL AL CONF - INTERVIEW: New Day steps up chemical grade alumina output, CEO says

New Day Aluminum has increased its production of chemical grade alumina and is gearing up to make additional investments in the specialty chemicals business, particularly in Europe, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer said.

New Day had already invested around $30 million in its own chemical grade alumina (CGA) business, which had traditionally been looked at as something of a “stepchild” by the aluminium industry, David D’Addario told Fastmarkets in an interview.

David D'Addario, chairman and CEO of New Day Aluminium

“That side of the business typically was a sort of a stepchild - [refineries would say,] ‘when a smelter has a potline that’s down or when there’s a problem, then I’ll go ahead and sell you [CGA customers] this product, but I wasn’t really in that business’,” he told delegates...


Andrea Hotter

September 21, 2020

12:45 GMT

New York