Ferroglobe to extend cuts in FeSi production through 2020

Ferroglobe will extend cuts to its production of standard-grade ferro-silicon from its European operations through the rest of this year, with no output from France and reduced output from Spain, industry sources told Fastmarkets on Thursday September 17.

Spain-based Ferroglobe will make no standard-grade ferro-silicon at all in France this year, having idled two furnaces at Chateau-Feuillet on September 30 last year and a third in Laudun on November 15.
And the company will only run at a reduced rate of standard-grade production from its operations in northern Spain, where it will also continue to make specialty-grade ferro-silicon, such as material with lower carbon and aluminium content.
It is understood that Ferroglobe will review its production of standard-grade ferro-silicon in Europe early in 2021, with any decision to restart furnaces being dependent on market supply, demand and prices.

But production costs may also be influential because energy prices in Europe tend to increase in the winter months. Ferro-silicon production uses about 8,000kW per tonne, while silicon...


Declan Conway

September 17, 2020

16:30 GMT