INTERVIEW: US needs strategic bauxite, alumina stockpile - New Day boss

The United States needs to protect its entire aluminium supply chain and should introduce a national strategic stockpile of bauxite and alumina, according to the chairman and chief executive officer of New Day Aluminum.

Potential disruptions to the supply chain - including due to global disasters, pandemics, wars or disruptions to producing assets - add to the need to ensure the domestic production of aluminium, David D’Addario said.
“We talk a lot about tariffs and how to protect aluminium, but we don’t ever really talk about the supply chain, which is - you need bauxite and alumina to get to the aluminium. We feel pretty strongly that we need a strategic national stockpile of bauxite and alumina because that is really the thing that will protect the United States,” he told delegates at the Fastmarkets International Aluminium conference.

“Back in the President Reagan administration [1981-1989], the United States actually had a strategic stockpile. I think that’s something we...


Andrea Hotter

September 21, 2020

12:56 GMT

New York