INTL AL CONF: LME’s new initiatives will help market find answers to low-carbon aluminium pricing – Chamberlain

The London Metal Exchange’s new package of sustainability proposals should aid the discovery process of low-carbon aluminium pricing, chief executive officer Matthew Chamberlain said.

Speaking at the Fastmarkets International Aluminium Conference on Wednesday September 23, Chamberlain said the exchange wants to provide the market with the tools to source sustainable material and provide transparency.
“I think the question of green aluminium premiums is obviously been quite a strongly debated one in our sector,” Chamberlain said.
“I really should not have a view on what the price of something is but if we [the LME] are not producing a price [for something] then that’s generally a problem.”
The LME announced on August 13 via a discussion paper to the market that it hopes to launch a spot trading platform and LMEpassport – a new digital register for physical metal data.

“We have had some calls for us to take a hardline approach, to say as of a certain date all aluminium that is not low-carbon will be removed from the LME brand list. That simply,...


Alice Mason

September 23, 2020

09:55 GMT