INTL AL CONF: Comprehensive transparency, credibility key for green aluminium growth

Creating transparency and credibility in the green aluminium sector will be a key factor in expanding the market for sustainably produced metal, major aluminium producers said on a panel at Fastmarkets' International Aluminium Conference on Wednesday September 23.

Sustainability directors from Rio Tinto, Norsk Hydro, UC Rusal and Alcoa participated on the panel, emphasizing that there was growing demand from downstream consumers for transparency throughout the aluminium production supply chain - not only about carbon emissions from the primary aluminium smelting process.
According to Paramita Das, general manager of global marketing and development at Rio Tinto, producers must meet the demand to provide more than just transparency on carbon emissions from aluminium production.
“In a post-Covid-19 world, each of us will want to know how our products are made - what did we leave environmentally, what was the carbon footprint?” Das said. “But it has to be [about] much more than carbon. Carbon is an easy story for us as primary producers to speak about, but it has to be more.”

There must also be a spotlight on factors such as ethical production, the effect of production on biodiversity, and...


Justin Yang

September 23, 2020

14:14 GMT