INTL AL CONF: Definition for low-carbon aluminium would be a good start, En+ chair says

Creating a definition for low-carbon aluminium would be an important step in helping to develop broader market engagement in sustainable production, according to the executive chairman of En+ Group.

Lord Gregory Barker told Fastmarkets that creating a consensus on the definition was more important than arguing over the specifics, and that the important thing was to make a start.
“There isn’t a single definition that commands industry-wide consensus yet, but that is only a matter of time, and it’s not difficult to get there,” he said during a keynote interview on the sustainability day of the Fastmarkets International Aluminium conference.
“The great news is that we are talking about low-carbon aluminium, and it is front of mind, top of the agenda, first thing on everybody’s list,” he said.
Barker said he was “relatively relaxed” about a definition for low-carbon aluminium, which tends to focus on the carbon dioxide (CO2) content per tonne of aluminium produced.

“The important thing is that...


Andrea Hotter

September 23, 2020

09:00 GMT

New York