GLOBAL NICKEL WRAP: Chinese ore extends gains, US briquette premium widens

Chinese nickel ore prices continued to rise in the week to Tuesday September 22, with other premiums in the region remaining stable and nickel briquette premium in the United States widening.

Nickel ore price reaches new high, while premiums and other nickel products in China stay flat. US briquette premium widens slightly Positive demand rhetoric fails to spur European premiums Nickel ore price in China keeps strengthening; others stable
Shanghai nickel plate premiums remained unmoved amid the sustained closure of arbitrage window between London and Shanghai, with the premiums static in the week ending Tuesday September 22.

The Chinese nickel ore price maintained its upward momentum in the week to Friday September 18, while prices for nickel pig iron (NPI) and nickel sulfate were stable over the same period.

Tight supplies and bullish sentiment ahead of the rainy season in the Philippines boosted the market, sources said.

Fastmarkets assessed the price of laterite ore with 1.5% Ni content, cif China, at $68-71 per tonne on Friday, up by $5-6 per tonne (8.6%) from $63-65 per tonne a week earlier. This...


Orla O'Sullivan

Amy Hinton

Sally Zhang

September 23, 2020

13:16 GMT

London, New York, Shanghai