Brazil's trade chamber confirms Al import quota exhaustion; decision due soon on renewal [UPDATED]

Brazilian trade chamber Camex confirmed this week that the country’s self-imposed quota for duty-free imports of aluminium had been exhausted, but it was expected to resolve soon upon an additional volume of around 30,000 tonnes, Fastmarkets has learnt.

According to Camex data, the volume for which import licenses had been issued reached the full-year 2020 limit of 150,000 tonnes on September 9. Market participants first expressed fears about full take-up in the week to September 11, and national aluminium association Abal said that it had requested a meeting on the matter.

That meeting took place with the foreign trade secretariat of the economy ministry, Secint, on September 16, at which a preliminary increase of 30,000 tonnes until December was requested, Fastmarkets has learnt. Secint...


Renato Rostás

September 28, 2020

12:26 GMT

São Paulo