DOWNSTREAM DISPATCH: Aluminium wheel consumer Tyre-Line sees growth in European leisure market

Tyre-Line, a UK wheel assembly manufacturer serving the caravan and automotive industry, sees opportunity for downstream demand growth going into 2021 after facing Covid-19 related challenges earlier in 2020.

The company’s managing director, Edward Musson, spoke to Fastmarkets in a recent interview after signing a supply contract with Alvance Aluminium Wheels for more than 35,000 wheels per year earlier in the month.
The deal comes after an increase in downstream demand for wheels and the pick-up in production and manufacturing globally has boosted premiums for aluminium products further upstream in the past two months. Premiums for aluminium primary foundry alloy, a key product in wheel production, recently increased after hitting all-time lows between April and July.
Fastmarkets assessed the aluminium primary foundry alloy silicon 7 ingot premium, ddp Germany and the aluminium primary foundry alloy silicon 7 ingot premium, ddp Eastern Europe at $300-330 per tonne on September 11, both up from $280-300 per tonne the month before.
Recovering from ‘severe impact’ of Covid-19

For Tyre-Line, which also has a line of wheel assemblies made...


Justin Yang

October 01, 2020

09:02 GMT