Supervisors' union at BHP's Escondida copper mine in Chile vote to strike

Members of Union No2 representing supervisors at the Chilean Escondida copper mine, operated by BHP, voted to strike following unsuccessful labor negotiations with the company, Union No1 said on Wednesday September 30.

The latest offer from Escondida’s management was rejected by 98.36% of votes from members of Union No2. According to Union No1, the largest union representing workers on the mine, not only the wage proposal was deemed insufficient, but also some clauses were considered anti-union.
“It is the first time that organization has voted for a strike,” Union No1 said. “[This] goes to show the difficult union history with Escondida/BHP.”

The previous labor contract was reached in October 2017, a year when workers at Escondida, the...


Renato Rostás

October 01, 2020

15:05 GMT

São Paulo