FOCUS: What does the US election mean for mineral markets?

With less than one month remaining before the presidential election in the United States, Fastmarkets takes a look at how the two main candidates’ platforms could affect the mineral markets.

On November 3, the US will go to the polls to choose between incumbent President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden. Both candidates have proposed a number of new policies which could shake up the mineral markets, both within the US and globally.
Here, Fastmarkets takes a closer look at the two main candidates’ programs and stances on sectors including energy, fossil fuels, mining, trade tariffs and critical minerals. (Presidential candidates representing the Green and Libertarian parties were not expected to have any realistic chance of success.)
Electric vehicles
One of the largest new investments that Biden has promised would be in new energy, which could spur demand for lithium, cobalt and rare earths.
In July 2020 Biden unveiled a $2 trillion clean-energy plan, which he said would create “millions of high-paying [trade] union jobs.”

The plan would mean $2 trillion invested over four years in infrastructure projects, including the...


William Clarke

Dalila Ouerghi

October 07, 2020

08:44 GMT