EU sets definitive anti-dumping duties on HR flat stainless steel from Indonesia, China, Taiwan

The European Commission (EC) has set definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of hot-rolled flat stainless steel products from Indonesia, China and Taiwan, it announced in a document published on Tuesday October 6.

The EC initiated an investigation after receiving a complaint from European steel association Eurofer on June 28 last year. The complaint gave evidence of dumping by the countries concerned and resulting material injury to domestic EU companies that was sufficient to justify the start of an investigation.
The decision follows a thorough investigation and aims to remedy the dumping-related damage caused to EU producers located mainly in Belgium, Italy and Finland,” the EC said.
Definitive duties for material from Indonesia were set at 17.30% for PT Indonesia Guang Ching Nickel & Stainless Steel Industry, PT Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel and all other companies.

For HR flat stainless steel from...


Maria Tanatar

October 08, 2020

17:50 GMT