Opportunities and challenges at the LME

Like any other international business, the Covid-19 pandemic has obliged the LME to reshuffle its priorities in 2020. Its chief executive officer Matthew Chamberlain discussed the challenges and opportunities of a unique year with Richard Barrett.

When Metal Market Magazine caught up, online, with London Metal Exchange CEO Matthew Chamberlain on Wednesday September 16, he had returned to his office just a few days beforehand for the first time since the United Kingdom government introduced a widespread lockdown on people’s movements in March to try to contain the spread of Covid-19.
The measures taken to limit the numbers infected by the novel coronavirus have affected every London-based financial institution. For the LME, it has warranted acceleration of some plans while others have been delayed to reprioritize elements of the LME’s development in line with members’ and the markets’ needs and their available resources in extraordinary times.
“The Covid-19 situation has clearly impacted us in two ways. The first is as an employer and the second is as a market operator,” Chamberlain said.

“Like any other business, our primary consideration has always been about...


Richard Barrett

October 14, 2020

08:12 GMT