US stainless sheet prices rise on higher surcharges

Stainless steel sheet prices in the United States have again risen in line with higher surcharges, while demand levels increased and lead times extended, Fastmarkets understands.

Fastmarkets’ price assessments for stainless steel 304 cold-rolled sheet, fob mill US and for stainless steel 304L cold-rolled sheet, fob mill US rose to $127 per hundredweight and $129 per cwt respectively on Monday October 12, both up by $6 from $121 per cwt and $123 per cwt one month earlier.
The price for stainless steel 316L cold-rolled sheet, fob mill US rose by $9 month on month to $166 per cwt on October 12.
These price changes closely tracked recent increases in surcharges for stainless sheet products.

“Demand is...


Robert England

October 13, 2020

21:00 GMT

New York