Rio Tinto in JV to reuse waste from aluminium smelting in cement

Mining company Rio Tinto has teamed up with construction materials company Lafarge Canada to reuse waste from the aluminium smelting process to make cement.

The circular economy initiative - designed to reduce the need to extract other raw materials and create value from waste - comes as mining companies seek ways to operate in a more sustainable manner.
Lafarge unit Geocycle Canada has worked with the miner to develop a new product called Alextra, made from used potlining as part of the aluminium electrolysis process that would otherwise go to landfill.

Lafarge Canada will produce on average 1 million tonnes per year of cement at its facilities in Bath, Ontario, using Alextra as an alternative to raw materials such as...


Andrea Hotter

October 16, 2020

16:52 GMT

New York