LME WEEK 2020: Further investment, price discovery needed to drive sustainable metals growth

Further measures to increase transparency and investments for metal producers were required to expand the sustainable metal market, participants said on a sustainability panel during the London Metal Exchange’s online LME Week seminars on Monday October 19.

Harald Friedl, sector lead at Climate Champions, said that the issue of sustainable metals supply chains has continued to gain traction among the general public, with large investment funds starting to pull out of carbon-intensive assets in the past year to focus instead on those with lower carbon footprints.
This traction has accelerated, he said, with more attention on the fragility in supply chains during the Covid-19 pandemic and growing global demand for sustainability.

“When you hear financial centers such as New York or London say that our pension money, our pension system, is no longer going into investments that support the oil and gas industry, it’s a huge shift that has...


Justin Yang

October 19, 2020

19:27 GMT