Mexican ferrous scrap prices stay on upswing but US steady

Ferrous scrap prices in Mexico stayed on an uptrend in the week ended October 16, with increases on all grades and in all regions, on high demand for the steelmaking raw material.

Sources reported price increases of 100-300 pesos ($5-14) per tonne for both prime and obsolete scrap between late last week and early this week.
In addition, some companies that had been quiet in Mexico’s central Bajío region increased their purchases of obsolete grades at higher prices, which further raised Fastmarkets’ price assessments for such grades.

Fastmarkets assessed the steel scrap No1 busheling, consumer buying price, delivered mill Bajío, at 6,700 pesos per tonne on Tuesday October 20, an increase of 250...


Felipe Peroni

October 20, 2020

19:45 GMT

São Paulo