LME WEEK 2020: Multiple battery chemistries to continue to co-exist, Lithium Royalty says

Multiple battery chemistry offerings will continue to co-exist in the marketplace, according to Ernie Ortiz, president and managing director at Lithium Royalty Corporation.

“The future will be balanced and diversified across battery chemistry. [Original equipment manufacturers] acknowledge that battery chemistry is not a one-size-fits-all approach,” Ortiz said during the Focus Day on electric vehicles, part of the London Metal Exchange’s online LME Week event, on Thursday October 22. “We have seen commentary from two large OEMs, Tesla and Daimler, that confirm that there is room for different types of battery chemistries in the industry, and even within the same automaker,” Ortiz said. Both Tesla and Daimler plan to use lithium iron-phosphate (LFP)...


Ewa Manthey

October 22, 2020

19:30 GMT