LITHIUM CONF: Europe supportive of creation of local EV battery value chain, panelists say

The investment environment in Europe is supportive of the creation of a local electric vehicle (EV) battery value chain, delegates heard during a panel discussion at the Lithium Supply & Markets conference on Tuesday October 27.

Infinity Lithium chief executive officer Ryan Parker and Savannah Resources CEO David Archer said they were receiving support from European Union institutions to advance their projects.
“The European Investment Bank (EIB) helped on the development of the projects… some of the main European banks were also focused on project finance activities in the lithium space… we’re all seeing strong primary investment interest from major European industrial groups,” Archer said.
Since the creation of the European Battery Alliance in 2018, the EIB has stepped up its commitment to support the creation of a battery value chain in the region in order to allow Europe to build a strategic autonomy in a technology that is pivotal to its competitiveness and a low-carbon future.

“It’s good to see European industries stepping up as well, I think it’s a conjunction of major financing channels that are coming together and, of course, both Infinity...


Dalila Ouerghi

October 28, 2020

20:18 GMT