LITHIUM CONF: Strong opportunities for li-ion battery recycling, chemistries continue to evolve

Lithium-ion battery recycling activity could increase to 2.6 million units between now and 2030, and could return thousands of tonnes of key raw materials to the battery supply chain, delegates heard at Fastmarkets’ latest Lithium Supply & Markets conference.

A total of 46,300 tonnes per year of cobalt, 40,000 tpy of lithium, 27,000 tpy of manganese and 125,000 tpy of nickel could be efficiently recycled to a quality high enough that the materials could be re-used in battery cells, Ajay Kochhar, president and chief executive officer of Li-Cycle, said during the online event held October 26-28.
The US-based battery recycling company was already processing “thousands of tonnes of lithium-ion batteries” and returning product to the supply chain, he said. This was “meeting the needs of high purity lithium-ion battery customers” including automotive sector companies.

“We see a robust pull for nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate, lithium...


Michael Greenfield

October 30, 2020

20:13 GMT