US aluminium alloy, scrap prices continue climb

The benchmark A380.1 secondary aluminium alloy price climbed again in the week to Thursday October 29 to reach its highest point in nearly 22 months, while aluminium scrap prices in the United States also edged up amid sluggish inbound volumes and sustained demand.

Fastmarkets’ price assessment for aluminium alloy A380.1, delivered Midwest rose for the twelfth week in a row on October 29, gaining 2 cents to reach 86-88 cents per lb - its highest level since the price stood in this same range in early January 2019. Several deals were heard within the higher range, with several concluded at 87 cents per lb, but numbers as high as 90 cents per lb were being mentioned, sources told Fastmarkets. Producers expected that prices would rise further in the coming week given current demand levels. “The Asian market is moving up, so our markets are going up,” one producer said of increasing A380.1 prices. “Scrap generation remains tight, so we are pushing prices as our demand is higher than any other time in history.” Other secondary aluminium alloy prices also edged up. Fastmarkets assessed...


Jenny Stewart

October 30, 2020

22:12 GMT

New York