Queues build at LME warehouses in Asia; over 70 days at Istim Port Klang

The waiting time for aluminium at Istim’s warehouse in Port Klang, Malaysia rose to 71 days at the end of October, according to the London Metal Exchange’s latest queue report.

The queue is up from 61 days at the end of September at LME-approved Istim warehouses.
There has been a queue for aluminium at Istim warehouses in Port Klang every month so far in 2020.
Queues for aluminium continue to build in Port Klang due to a large amount of cancelled stock. There were 122,525 tonnes of aluminium cancelled at Istim warehouses in Port Klang, which represents 27% of the total stock level at the end of October.



Alice Mason

November 11, 2020

09:52 GMT