JAPAN EXPORT SCRAP: Prices jump again after bullish Kanto auction result

Prices for export cargoes of steel scrap sold from Japan continued to move upward this week, following another rise in the Kanto auction price, sources said on Wednesday November 11.

November’s Kanto Tetsugen, an auction between scrap suppliers in the Tokyo area, closed at an average price of ¥30,605 ($291) per tonne fas for H2 on Wednesday, up ¥2,199 per tonne compared with last month.
The first bid was for 15,000 tonnes of H2 scrap at ¥30,717 per tonne fas, while the second-highest bid was for 5,000 tonnes at ¥30,270 per tonne fas.

The higher dockside prices led to key scrap buyer Tokyo Steel again raising...


Lee Allen

November 11, 2020

14:27 GMT