US A380.1 price gains outpace rest of secondary aluminium alloy market

Secondary aluminium alloy prices continued to firm in the United States on Thursday November 12, but in recent months, gains on one alloy – benchmark A380.1 – have outpaced others, squeezing spreads to historically narrow levels.

The benchmark secondary alloy A380.1 ticked up again on Thursday, marking its 14th consecutive weekly increase. Fastmarkets assessed aluminium alloy A380.1, delivered Midwest at 90-92 cents per lb on November 12, up 1.7% from 88-91 cents per lb previously. Some producers are now testing offers at 93 cents per lb, but no deals were heard at that level yet on Thursday. Increases were much steeper for A360.1 and A413.1 on Thursday. Fastmarkets assessed aluminium alloy A360.1, delivered Midwest at 93-96 cents per lb on November 12, up 3.8% from 90-92 cents per lb previously. Fastmarkets assessed aluminium alloy A413.1, delivered Midwest at 94-97 cents per lb on November 12, similarly up 3.8% from 91-93 cents per lb previously. But A380.1 has...


Michael Roh

November 13, 2020

22:48 GMT

New York