US A380.1 secondary Al alloy spreads vs A360, A413 at record lows

Secondary aluminium alloy prices continued to rise on Thursday November 19, with the spreads between the benchmark A380.1 and the less liquid A360.1 and A413.1 grades at the narrowest point since Fastmarkets began assessing these prices.

Fastmarkets assessed aluminium alloy A380.1, delivered Midwest at 93-95 cents per lb on November 19, up 3.3% from 90-92 cents per lb the previous week and up 41.4% from 66-67 cents per lb at the start of June. Producers have been securing business at higher prices each week, while strong demand from automotive die-casters has supported this price since the summer. Meanwhile, prices for...


Michael Roh

November 20, 2020

23:26 GMT

New York