Vague line between copper scrap, recyclable copper creates rejection risk under new policy - execs

Global copper scrap metal suppliers are now hesitant to send their cargoes to China, citing a higher risk of rejection over the ambiguity of its new classification of ‘recyclable copper materials’, industry executives said at Fastmarkets Asia Copper Webinar on Monday November 23.

For the first time ever, the world’s biggest consumer of copper scrap has allowed overseas high-purity non-ferrous scrap to enter the country, which is no longer considered to be waste but merchandise starting from November.
Under the new policy, the thin line between ‘waste’ and ‘recyclable material’ is no longer down to agencies run by the China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC), which the industry was familiar with.

“Chinese customers told me there’s no need for them to call CCIC anymore [so I asked what about] another pre-shipment inspection agency? They said they didn’t know. In this case, we would just hold our shipment,”...


Julian Luk

November 25, 2020

11:15 GMT

Hong Kong