Rusal continues green push with CDP ‘A’ rating; five smelters get ASI

UC Rusal has become the first aluminium producer to receive an ‘A’ level rating from CDP, parent company En+ Group said on Monday December 14.

CDP is an international non-profit organization that supports companies and cities to disclose the environmental impact of major corporations.
En+ Group said its metals segment Rusal was rated ‘A’ due to the work it had done to address climate risks across the entire supply chain.
The average emissions for Rusal’s aluminium are 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of aluminium for all sources related to producing aluminium from alumina at smelters.

“The future of En+ Group depends on aligning our climate ambitions with the countless green businesses worldwide who rely on aluminium to make possible a low-carbon future. Our planet needs a united...


Alice Mason

December 14, 2020

12:41 GMT