MEIS2020: Export demand for Turkish steel ‘strong’ despite recent regulatory changes

Demand for Turkish steel remains robust in export destinations despite the recent strengthening of trading regulations, speakers at Fastmarkets’ Middle East Iron and Steel virtual conference Turkey panel session on Thursday December 17 said.

On November 13, the European Commission (EC) made imports of hot-rolled flat steel from Turkey subject to registration upon arrival into the European Union; and on December 17 the EC calculated preliminary anti-dumping duties on Turkish hot-rolled coil at 4.8-7.6%. Provisional measures in the latter, if any, will be imposed by January 14 next year; the calculated duties can be changed at any time up to this deadline. Definitive duties are scheduled to be set by July 13. Still, ties between Turkey and the EU remain strong, Didem Taskiran, sales manager at Turkish steelmaker Çolakoglu, explained. “Turkey and the European Union signed a free-trade agreement in 1996,” she said. “The reason Turkish steel exports to the EU have been increasing in the last three years is that the EU has duties on steel imports from Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and China.” “The EU took into account the 2015-2017 period...


Serife Durmus

December 23, 2020

11:10 GMT