China determined to build clean, diversified energy supply system

A whitepaper published by the Chinese government on December 21 entitled “Energy in China’s New Era” underlines Beijing’s determination for the development of a green, low-carbon and sustainable energy sector.

“Building a clean and diversified energy supply system” is listed as one of the five action points that China needs to work on to develop its energy sector. The other four points center on energy consumption, innovation, energy systems and international cooperation.
According to the whitepaper, China will prioritize non-fossil energy, promote clean and efficient development and utilization of fossil energy, improve its energy storage, transportation and peak-shaving system as well as support energy development in rural and poor regions.
Market sources said these efforts would have a long-term impact on the metals and mineral industry, particularly those with applications in energy supply systems.
Prioritizing non-fossil energy

As part of its efforts to transition to a low-carbon and eco-friendly energy system, China will prioritize the development of non-fossil and renewable energy such as solar energy,...


Ruby Liu

December 29, 2020

10:40 GMT