Chile to hit peak copper output at 7.35 mln tonnes in 2028 - Cochilco

Chile is set to reach its peak total copper production in 2028 at 7.35 million tonnes, a 26.9% increase from 5.79 million tonnes in 2019, the country’s copper commission, Cochilco, said in its 2020-2031 outlook on Tuesday December 29.

Output will start to retract from 2028 on due to depletion to reach 7.09 million tonnes in 2031, with an average growth of 1.7% per year from 2020 until then, the commission added. Cochilco considered the currently greenlit projects and the investments it expects to be approved soon as the basis for its calculation, it said.

Cochilco’s copper output forecast for 2020 was set at 5.82 million tonnes, rising slightly...


Renato Rostás

December 29, 2020

14:58 GMT

São Paulo