Total LME ADV fell 22% in December; aluminium volume down 24%

The London Metal Exchange’s average daily volume (ADV) of trades declined across all base metals in December 2020 despite price rallies, according to latest LME data.

Copper’s ADV had the smallest decline but was still down 11.9% year on year at 119,141 lots.
This came in spite of the average official three-month copper price increasing by 9.8% in December month on month to an average of $7,771.50 per tonne.

Aluminium’s ADV was 217,597 lots in December, the highest across the complex but down 24.1% from December 2019. The three-month official aluminium average price for December climbed 4.3%...


Alice Mason

January 11, 2021

13:08 GMT