US tin premiums rocket to all-time highs

Extreme tin shortages in the United States have catapulted the domestic premiums to their highest levels since Fastmarkets began these assessments, with the in-warehouse Baltimore and ddp Midwest US premiums jumping by 32.17% and 44% respectively in the past two weeks.

Desperate buyers anticipating shipping delays have paid whatever it takes to keep their operations going, Fastmarkets understands. US supply of tin is entirely imported, and there is almost none in the country, with not even one pound of tin available in the London Metal Exchange warehouses in the US. 
This has resulted in the US tin premiums soaring by at least 50% since the recent rally began in early December 2020.

Fastmarkets’ assessment of the tin 99.85% ingot premium, in-whs Baltimore was $700-820 per tonne on Tuesday January 12, up by...


Orla O'Sullivan

January 12, 2021

21:07 GMT

New York