SOUTHERN EUROPE WIRE ROD: Uptrend continues after holidays, new increases to come

The steel mesh-quality wire rod market in the south of Europe moved up in line with what sources had expected this week, with short availability and expensive scrap driving prices, market participants told Fastmarkets on Wednesday January 13.

Fastmarkets’ weekly price assessment for steel wire rod (mesh-quality), domestic, delivered Southern Europe was €650 ($791) per tonne on Wednesday January 13, up by €40 per tonne from €610 per tonne a week earlier.
Italian producers pushed wire rod offer prices to €650 per tonne delivered during the assessment week, up from €600-610 per tonne before the Christmas break.

"Everybody is pretty alarmed by the situation because this is an incredible increase, even though it was expected somehow," a local buyer...


Julia Bolotova

January 13, 2021

15:40 GMT