Trump removes 232 Al tariff on UAE in final minutes of presidency

Hours before the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, former president Donald Trump replaced the Section 232 aluminium tariff on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a quota. The US market was blindsided but participants called the action inconsequential.

“The [US] has successfully concluded discussions with the [UAE] on satisfactory alternative means to address the threatened impairment of the national security posed by aluminum imports from the [UAE], specifically a quota restricting the quantity of aluminum articles imported into the [US] from the [UAE],” according to the former president’s proclamation on Wednesday January 20.
It continued, “This measure is expected to allow imports of aluminum from the [UAE] to remain close to historical levels without meaningful increases, thus making it more likely that domestic capacity utilization will be reasonably commensurate with the target level recommended in the [US Secretary of Commerce’s] report.”
The quota will take effect on February 3.

The UAE now joins a small list of countries exempt from the Section 232 aluminium...


Michael Roh

January 21, 2021

06:37 GMT

New York