Inter-merchant trading boosts Europe manganese alloy prices

European traders of manganese alloys have been busy in the past couple of weeks, boosting prices of silico-manganese by almost 20% and of high-carbon ferro-manganese by 10% ahead of expected renewed consumer demand in February, according to trade sources and available industry data.

Traders have been gearing up for increased consumer demand since December when European steelmakers saw a surprising increase in appetite for steel products used mostly in the automotive and construction sectors for early 2021. While there was only a low level of spot business last month and equally small amounts so far in January, it is in February that manganese alloys suppliers expect a considerable upturn in demand from steelmakers.
"The rise in high-carbon ferro-manganese and medium-carbon ferro-manganese has been encouraging higher offer prices for silico-manganese,” one trader in Germany said. “There has been a strong increase in trader demand, probably ahead of expected consumer buying for the longer term in the three months through June."

"There are only low stocks of manganese alloys in Europe," another European trader said. "There is not much seen being...


Declan Conway

January 25, 2021

15:56 GMT