EU member states ask EC to extend safeguard measures on steel imports

A dozen EU member states have called on the European Commission to extend the safeguard measures on steel imports that are due to expire on June 30 this year, according to a letter seen by Fastmarkets on Tuesday January 26.

The letter, dated January 14,  was signed by the governments of 12 countries: Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Bulgaria.
“As the Covid-19 pandemic and the unprecedented economic slowdown in Europe caused by it continue, so does the severe impact on the activity of the steel industry. Demand for steel still hasn’t recovered. The use of production capacities remains reduced and several production sites in Europe have been closed.

“At the same time, stock in exporting countries has been piling up. This situation further exposes our industry to the aggressive behaviour of third country...


Maria Tanatar

January 26, 2021

19:04 GMT