Auto OEMs oppose paying premium for green aluminium – DSW Automotive

Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) do not agree that there should be an additional premium for “green” aluminium, Mark White, industry consultant and innovation director at DSW Automotive, told Fastmarkets.

White spoke about the automotive industry’s stance on a green aluminium premium during a Fastmarkets webinar titled “Empowering Consumers: The Future of Responsible Materials & Sustainability” on Wednesday February 3. 

“From an automaker’s point of view, we don’t want to pay a premium. We see green aluminium as a right of service. If the car industry is spending billions [of dollars] on reducing CO2, moving toward electrification and really transforming the carbon footprint of the vehicles we make,...


Michael Roh

February 04, 2021

15:18 GMT

New York