GM to cut auto production at four plants hit by chip shortage

General Motors (GM) has become the latest automaker hit by the global shortage of computer chips and has been forced to temporarily stop production in North America and South Korea, it said on Wednesday February 3.

The US automaker will cut production entirely at three of its factories in North America and will halt production at one assembly plant in South Korea during the week of February 8.
The affected plants in North America are Fairfax (Kansas), Ingersoll (Ontario) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico) while its Bupyeong 2 plant in South Korea will also run at half capacity since the beginning of next week.

"Despite our mitigation efforts, the semiconductor shortage will impact GM production in 2021. We are currently assessing the overall impact,...


Cristina Belda

February 04, 2021

17:12 GMT