US structural tubing price flat, market questions latest mill increase

Prices for hollow structural sections (HSS) in the Untied States stabilized this week with sources divided on whether the latest round of mill price increases will be accepted.

Fastmarkets assessed steel hollow sections ASTM A500 Grade B domestic, fob mill US at $1,500-1,530 per short ton ($75.00-76.50 per hundredweight) on Thursday February 4, flat from the prior week, which was the highest on record since Fastmarkets began assessing the market in 2009. The assessment is also 18.4% higher than $1,260-1,300 per ton at the beginning of the year. Market participants previously said the latest round of price rises of $150...


Grace Lavigne Asenov

February 05, 2021

22:58 GMT

New York