Turkish crude steel output in 2021 could return to 2017 level on cut in Covid measures, TCUD says

Steel production in Turkey in 2021 can return to the level seen in 2017, when the country produced 37.52 million tonnes, according to the Turkish Steel Producers’ Association (TÇÜD) – but only if the measures imposed to control the Covid-19 pandemic are reduced.

Turkey produced 35.76 million tonnes of crude steel in the 12 months of 2020, a 5.99% year-on-year increase from the 35.74 million tonnes produced in 2019, the World Steel Association said.
Turkey consumed 29.4 million tonnes of finished steel in 2020, a 12.9% increase year on year, TÇÜD said in the week ended February 5.

Iron ore and scrap prices went down in January, but the decreases did not affect the markets in Europe and the United States negatively, TÇÜD said. But steel prices in the Turkish market fell...


Serife Durmus

February 10, 2021

20:15 GMT