BANGLADESH STEEL SCRAP: Prices jump despite buyer reluctance to pay

Prices for steel scrap imported to Bangladesh accelerated over the last seven days despite a hesitancy from buyers to pay higher rates, market participants told Fastmarkets on February 18.

Bangladeshi steel scrap prices have swelled in the last week in line with other major import markets such as Turkey and India, although few sales were heard at the new levels.
Shredded scrap in containers was heard sold to a major Chattogram-based steelmaker at $450-455 per tonne cfr Bangladesh over the last week, while offer prices for the grade were heard in the range of $455-470 per tonne cfr in recent days.
That put Fastmarkets’ price assessment for steel scrap, shredded, containerized, import, cfr Bangladesh at $450-455 per tonne on Thursday, up $30-40 per tonne from $410-425 per tonne the week before.

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Lee Allen

February 18, 2021

13:30 GMT