POLAND REBAR: Prices static in quiet market

The domestic steel rebar market in Poland has been “frozen” over the past week due to a slowdown in end-user demand amid bad weather conditions, but with a rebound expected in March, sources told Fastmarkets on Friday February 19.

Construction activity in Poland has been very slow over the past fortnight due to the weather, and this has had the expected negative effect on rebar demand, sources said.
“Construction [projects] are now on hold, but should come back next week. This should improve demand,” one trader said.
Consequently, buying activity in Poland’s rebar market was rather slow over the assessment week.
“There is not much going on due to the weather. The market is very slow,” a second trader said.

Local mills were not worried by the demand slowdown because they had good order books, and...


Julia Bolotova

February 19, 2021

14:25 GMT