Brazil steel scrap consumption set to rise in 2021 - Inesfa

Brazilian steel scrap consumption is expected to grow in 2021 after scrap generation increased and began to meet a jump in demand from mills in the second half of 2020, the country’s ferrous scrap association, Inesfa, said.

Inesfa calculated scrap consumption at 8 million tonnes in 2020, up from 7.79 million tonnes in 2019, with the current environment signalling a rise this year, it said.
That said, scrap consumption will still fail to reach its record high of 11.17 million tonnes from 2013, Inesfa president, Clineu Alvarenga, told Fastmarkets.
“We cannot estimate exactly how much scrap will be consumed this year, however, because the Covid-19 pandemic has broken all normal parameters,” Alvarenga said.

“The pandemic is not over yet. [There are still many unanswered...


Renato Rostás

February 25, 2021

15:40 GMT

São Paulo