Vale lowers 2021 copper output forecast to 360,000-380,000 tonnes

Brazilian miner Vale has cut the forecast for its own copper production in 2021 to 360,000-380,000 tonnes, from 390,000 tonnes previously, because of new safety measures that could reduce machinery usage in its units, the company said on Thursday February 25.

Output at Salobo, in Brazil’s northern state of Pará, was expected to be the most significantly affected by the changes, which were estimated to result in a 10,000-tonne reduction in overall copper production.
Planned maintenance periods and potential project delays were also taken into account when setting the lower forecast.

“[Vale devised] a recovery plan during the catchup period [in the first quarter] to further mitigate the effects,”...


Renato Rostás

February 26, 2021

18:55 GMT

São Paulo