Nickel ore, NPI prices surge in China on costlier freight, tight supply

Chinese buyers paid higher prices for nickel ore and nickel pig iron (NPI) last week amid tight supply and costlier freight. Prices for 1.5% nickel ore rose to new highs amid the uptrend.

Fastmarkets assessed the price of laterite ore with 1.5% Ni content, cif China at $78-81 per tonne last Friday February 26, up by $12-13 (18.7%) per tonne from $66-68 per tonne a week earlier. This is the highest prices have been since Fastmarkets began tracking the market in February 2016.

Fastmarkets’ weekly price assessment for laterite ore with 1.8% Ni content, 15-20% Fe, water content 30-35% Si:Mg ratio<2, cif China was $100-107 per tonne last Friday, up by $12-15 (15%)...


Sally Zhang

Yingchi Yang

March 02, 2021

09:40 GMT