Widespread fall in Mexican steel scrap prices, regional gap widens

Prices for steel scrap in the principal Mexican markets decreased sharply in the week ended Friday February 26, amid increases in inventories and a wider gap between prices in the various regions.

Fastmarkets’ weekly steel scrap assessments for Mexico fell sharply in nine grades, with a number of steel producers reducing prices in all regions, and also reflecting price cuts announced recently but that only became widespread last week.
During the week, information circulated about sharp price cuts from a major scrap buyer in the city of Monterrey.
In Mexico’s central San Luis Potosí state, there were also reports of buyers cutting their purchase prices for scrap amid higher supply of the material. The state is included in Fastmarkets’ Bajío weekly assessment.

Fastmarkets assessed the steel scrap, No1 busheling, consumer buying price, delivered mill...


Felipe Peroni

March 02, 2021

21:00 GMT

São Paulo