CHINA REBAR: Late week price drop erases midweek gains

The eastern China rebar price fell for the second day in a row on Friday March 5 amid sparse trading, reversing the gains made on Wednesday and leaving a week-on-week rise of just 20 yuan ($3) per tonne.

Eastern China (Shanghai): 4,640-4,670 yuan ($730-736) per tonne, down by 80-90 yuan per tonne
Northern China (Beijing) weekly assessment: 4,530-4,550 yuan per tonne, up by 30-40 per tonne
The steel reinforcing bar (rebar) domestic, ex-whs Eastern China assessment had risen by 2.8% on Wednesday to 4,740-4,780 yuan per tonne.

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Jessica Zong

March 05, 2021

11:35 GMT