DLA makes surprise offer of tin to desperate US buyers

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) - a support arm of the United States Department of Defense - is offering two truckloads of weather-damaged tin for sale next month.

The tin sale, the agency’s first in more than a decade, is expected to generate strong interest among buyers who can no longer keep manufacturing without the metal amid a shortage in the US, and who hope for more from the DLA.
The tin shortage in the US is so severe that premiums for the metal in the country have risen to record highs.
There is no sign of premiums abating in Fastmarkets’ upcoming assessment, which will be made on Tuesday March 9.

Fastmarkets’ last price assessment for tin grade A min 99.85% ingot premium, ddp Midwest US was...


Orla O'Sullivan

March 09, 2021

07:00 GMT

New York