COPPER SEMINAR: ‘Up to 14 million tonnes’ of copper could be recycled to decrease metal supply gap

Speakers in a copper scrap-focused panel at the virtual Fastmarkets Copper Seminar on Friday March 12 highlighted how recycled material could fill in the red metal’s supply gap in the future.

Demand for the metal is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years due to electrification and low-carbonization efforts around the world, while there are concerns over whether mining supply alone will be able to absorb demand. Speaking on the very long-term picture of where copper recycling fits into the wider copper market ecosystem, Kunal Sinha, global commercial lead at Glencore Recycling, said: “According to our estimates, the demand for copper – primarily driven by the transition to low-carbon energy, technologies and electrification – will go from just under 30 million tonnes today to about 60 million tonnes by 2050”. If a doubling in demand for copper were to happen, then far more copper...


Ana de Liz

March 12, 2021

15:00 GMT