European FeTi suppliers start Q2 tender talks, scrap shortage in focus

European ferro-titanium producers have started negotiations for deliveries of the alloy to consumers in the steel sector between April and June, and while no prices have yet been discussed, an acute shortage of titanium scrap will be a key issue for suppliers, producers told Fastmarkets this week.

Ferro-titanium producers have been holding back from securing new deals for their intake of scrap and other feed sources, such as titanium sponge, until their quarterly supply deals with steel mills are settled. Some ferro-titanium tenders were expected to be settled before April, with the rest done early in that month, sources said.
Fastmarkets assessed the price for ferro-titanium, 70% Ti, max 4.5% Al, ddp Europe, at $7.70-8.20 per kg Ti on Wednesday March 17, unchanged from the week before.
“We have had a significantly higher number of buying inquiries this week, with about 600 tonnes on a spot basis and also big annual contract buying inquiries,” one UK ferro-titanium producer said in the week to Wednesday.

“We have no sales to report yet, mostly due to a lack of availability from us. The scrap turnings shortage goes on and there seems to be an increasing shortage...


Declan Conway

March 18, 2021

19:45 GMT